Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I am doxxing myself (and why).

My name is Greg and I am a skeptical activist from Savannah, Georgia. I run the page Science and Skepticism and co-admin my friend's page Tysonism (on which I post a lot of the science and skeptical memes. Not the political stuff) on Facebook.  I'm an engineering student, an amateur historian, a math tutor, and a father. The reason why I am doxxing myself is because I think that it is important for skeptics such as myself not to retreat behind fake identities. We should be proud and loud that we love critical thinking and stand up for science education and victims of consumer fraud.

With that said, it took me a long time to come to this conclusion. I was afraid that I am far too imperfect and that this imperfection would tarnish the message. Over my lifespan, I've held views ranging from the silly (astrology, moon landing hoax, creationist sympathy) to the immoral (racist, homophobic, and sexist views). I, however, think its important to admit when we are wrong and show that its possible to change the minds of others. For example, my college history professor disabused me of my casual racism by having understanding and sympathetic conversations with me. Similarly, I have friends with similarly stupid views and I have not given up on them (I don't boot people for having a difference of opinion). If I was saved, then they can be saved. Skeptics need to know that this works. I was also hesitant because I live in the South and I was afraid that my outspoken views defending things like the safety of vaccines and legitimate science education would get me into trouble somewhere down the line. I, however, think I am safe. As an engineering student, it's sort of expected that I am a total nerd about science and technology. I also travel in circles where I am surrounded by many like-minds.

Now I am out in the open! I'm still not perfect, I will totally talk to you about science education and critical thinking. Feel free to add me on Facebook. I'll add you back as long as you don't flame my loved ones or troll incessantly. Also, mention that you are a fan of S&S or Tysonism. I can always use complements. :P

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