Thursday, December 27, 2012

Katt Williams and creationism (explicit content)

Before reading this, you may object to me criticizing a comedian. "It is just a joke. You need to lighten up." When it comes to being offended by comedy, I take the advice of the late Patrice O'Neal. Patrice argued that if you are funny enough, then your jokes are not offensive. However, unlike Patrice, Katt Williams has never been funny. This makes him fair game. 

On his recent tour, Kattpacalypse, comedian Katt Williams said some rather shocking things about evolution. These comments are eerily similar to the ones espoused by creationists like Kent Hovind and Kirk Cameron. Katt's assault on science began with his characteristic name calling.

You too old to be believing in evolution with your stupid motherfucking ass. Evolution say people came from monkeys and the question is “why is there still monkeys?” You dumb motherfucker you. Is these the retarded monkeys? They didn’t turn into people just yet?  Get your stupid ass the fuck out here. 
If you are reading this Katt, I have a recommendation for you. Before you dismiss a 150 year old scientific theory after thinking about it for five minutes, please check to see if scientists have already responded to your criticism. Given that almost all of the major scientific theories have been around for at least a hundred years, chances are someone else has already raised your concern.

If you did this, you would have read that scientists do not believe that humans evolved from monkeys. Instead they believe that monkeys and humans share a common ancestor. This means that the monkeys which you reference in your joke are not "retarded". They are are just as different from our common ancestor as we are. For example, chimpanzees have evolved the ability to walk on their knuckles since our lineage split with theirs.

Now that we both accept that we share a common ancestor with monkeys instead of evolving from them, your objection is now invalid. This is because it now becomes akin to saying "if we share a grandparent with our cousin, then why are there still cousins? Are they too retarded to turn into me and my sibling?" or "If Americans and Australians both came from Europeans, then why are Australians still around?"

After channeling Duane Gish, Mr. Williams goes on to say equally as intelligent things about nonbelievers. 

If there is any atheists in the house, let me say you stupid motherfuckers.  I don’t care what god you believe in, You got to be a special kind of retarded to be too stupid to make up a God if there wasn’t one. Poor thing. Who do you even pray to? Nobody. Even when you fuckin.  Why do you fuck? You can’t even cum. What do you say when you cum, atheist? Oh.. Oh.. Nothing. That’s right, ’cause that’s what you believe in.
This is shocking for a few reasons. The first is that it is just plain ignorant. Sweeping accusations about intelligence regarding any group leads us to nothing but unfounded stereotypes about people who we do not even know. A related concern I have has to do with the target audience Mr. Williams tries to market himself towards: African Americans. This may shock Mr. Williams, but there are many African Americans who are nonbelievers. This group has included A Philip Randolph, Lorraine Hansbury, Langston Hughes, and the great WEB DuBois.

Another unintelligent part of this statement is the idea that atheists believe in nothing. While I have heard this accusation before by the very unfunny comedian Steve Harvey, it still shocks me. This is because god-belief is only one component of a worldview and atheists can believe a wide range of ideas about morality, the nature of the universe, and our purpose in it. Some atheists are Buddhists while others gravitate towards Secular Humanism.

Mr. Williams also has to deal with the fact that these people he accuses of believing in nothing account for 93% of the members of our National Academy of the Sciences. Rather than sitting around and praying like Mr. Williams suggests, that these prestigious scientists get out there and work hard to cure the ailments of mankind. If they just prayed rather than working, the amazing advances of the last four centuries would still be waiting to be uncovered.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I apologize for the severe amount of ignorance I just exposed you to. In the future, I will try to keep my thoughts about celebrities to myself. This one, however, was hard to resist. This is because I became aware of a slur against Stephen Hawking that Katt Williams made when I writing the draft for this post.
Kirk Cameron is brilliant. Stephen Hawking is a role model to everybody who has flesh. And if he believes in God, then he’s right. And if he doesn’t believe in God, then he’s just another crippled guy with a bad idea. … God still runs this earth, Satan’s breath still stinks, Charlie Sheen still doin’ crack and Katt Williams is still the funniest black man you’ve ever seen.
Wow. Just wow. 


  1. To the writer of this article. Sorry dont know your name didnt find it important enough to find out. Its called comedy and just because you dont find it funny dosnt mean it isnt. Now I get it he is famous and well no one will probly ever know your name or remember u for anything and your pissed. But seriously trying to break down what he says as if its a statement he belives in as apposed to a joke? You are some kinda stupid arnt you. Its comedy he says it to do his job now go back with your scientist out there claiming your doing something great and let me know when you actualy get a cure for a major disease or cancer.

    1. Hello Cody. Attacking a person instead of their arguments (like you are doing) is a common mistake in reasoning known as an ad hominem. This is a mistake because it is irrelevant to the truth of my statements if I am famous or jealous or not. Creationism would be wrong even if I had never been born because the facts go against it. Its as simple as that.

      Two further replies to what you just said.

      First, Katt Williams is definitely a creationist. He has repeatedly endorsed fundamentalism and made numerous anti-scientific statements. The second statement I posted about Dr. Hawking was not even part of his act and he told it to TMZ. Mr. William being a creationist is not remotely controversial and he would tell you no different himself.

      Second, science is the reason why you are able to respond to me via computer or able to watch Katt William on the internet in the first place. It is also the reason why we are able to sustain 7-8 billion people on Earth, the reason why death during childbirth is much rarer, and has cured countless diseases like mumps, measles, rubella, small pox, and polio. If untreated, these disease would have claimed BILLIONS of lives.

      If you want a list of 12 major illnesses cured over the last century, go to this link.

      Thanks for your input,


  2. I like to think of myself as agnostic with more emphasis to the scientific side. I just feel that Katt Williams' comments on atheists and evolution is funny. I do have a basic understanding of monkeys and humans evolving from the same ancestor. Most people that Williams' comedy targets are African Americans and most of them are religious. They can relate to what Williams is saying on an exaggerated level. I do understand your points but I can still laugh at Williams jokes today and I'm not laughing with him. I'm laughing at him.

    1. Exactly.... Narciccium is real...It's never personal...😕😕😕😂😁😁😀

    2. Exactly.... Narciccium is real...It's never personal...😕😕😕😂😁😁😀

  3. I hope we're not keeping Katt Williams from the Nobel Prize awards ceremony! ;^]

  4. The reason this article is appropriate in its criticism of what is supposed to be comedy is that, while the definition of comedy is loose, and while peoples' senses of humor are obviously varied, there are a few things that a person just absolutely has to be to be considered a comedian. Comedy is without question the most difficult form of art we practice, and our comedians are some of our smartest people, always have been. They are our philosophers when our seriousness betrays us, they have special insight into our ways of thinking, and manipulate them. Comedy comes from a place of absolute, relatable truth. When a "comedian" outs himself as ignorant, it colors the rest of his act, and how we relate to him. You can't trust him anymore, because you realize he doesn't have any special insight. Suddenly all the weird bouncing around and funny voices that you might have found charming become the desperate pleas for attention of an idiot hack. It simply doesn't matter if a comedian plays to a specific audience. Williams and the odious Steve Harvey play to religious black audiences, the Blue Collar boys play to their audience, but if the comedy isn't universal, it isn't funny. Suddenly, Katt's just some tiny dude spreading ignorance instead of dispelling it.

    1. You hit it right on the nail!!!! Fucking brilliant!!!!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write this with truth. I know you get paid from your ads n such but this article was spot on. I love katt Williams and think he is a pretty smart person because of the material he makes up and the fact that he helps people unite by making them laugh together. Now that being said, he went from comedy to crazy and It just really got to me. The simple fact is katt Williams just seems lonely. He keeps getting in trouble with the law and having to make excuses for his bad behavior. Comedians should talk about funny things and not try to turn into a preacher or a politician. Katt Williams lost so many fans the day they heard this bs. I hope he dies (GOD rest his soul)

  6. I fell for the creationism new age theory world view. Never again.

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    1. Only thing you said in there that fits you is donkey, your def an ass!!!

  9. He's right you all are some dumb people, why in the hell is no monkeys changing in2 humans at zoos, in thousands of years nobody has ever seen this happen not 1 time yet you all still believe this ignorant theory, you can't believe that a god created a perfect fit for humans, and some breathtaking sites just formed that way with no help, but you can believe that we came from monkeys, yet it never has happened again.... Dumb shit. Thank god this ignorant crap is about to be taken out of schools....

  10. Katy Williams is by far the best comedian today, he's been held down because he won't join ignorant theories like you all want him 2 and because he makes a joke about people like you, you hate him because your liberal moronic snowflakes!!! He won't join the illumanit so they won't promote him same way as they do forget his name dude always does celeb basketball game that makes lame ass movies, and his jokes are nowhere near as funny, you people get on here and say kart isn't funny yet I've never heard anybody listen to him and not laugh the whole time, pissed off because he pissed on your dumbass theory. oh no matter Williams believes in god kill him, how fkn dumb can you get, he didn't say you couldn't believe what you want he said it's a terrible theory and he's right, you all sit here and act like something that is just that a theory is a fact when it's a theory